Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Part 0

So I’ve been working remotely for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation for the past 3 months. At the beginning of my tenure, I felt very full steam ahead! Lately, though, I’ve been feeling much more disengaged and lonely. To combat this malaise, I’ve found it helpful to watch some videos and find out what’s been happening in the community at large.

Since I’ve been on my own for the past 8 months, my understanding of and engagement with the open-source software community have evolved considerably. I’ve been working on a lot of longstanding personal challenges during this time, and every now and then I raise my head, look around, and remember: software (in all its forms) is a living, breathing thing. It is not a static, shiftless, flat, inert object, but rather a dynamic system with countless flowing parts, multiple actors, and multiple creators and collaborators.

Software is ultimately very human. I feel this acutely when I go to tech meetups and community conferences. There’s more to say on this subject and on the CNCF, but I’m going to snip this post here and relegate those additional words to another time and place. :)