I’m a California native, Los Angeles homeowner, plant lover, map lover, audiophile, and wordy person. I’m also a new Homebrew contributor by way of Outreachy; posts related to Outreachy and Homebrew are highlighted yellow.

I’ve always been fascinated with science and math, but I’ve spent most of my life so far assuming that computer science was the most boring thing on earth. The past couple years have shown me that programming isn’t just intellectually invigorating; it’s a powerful medium of collaboration, too - an awesome tool for “collaborative logic-making”. And yep, Ruby is my native programming language. <3

I love studying human languages and reading about linguistics, too. Every now and then I dip into Duolingo or Babbel to play with languages familiar and unfamiliar, or I try to compose nonsensical sentences in 廣東話 (in the offline world). French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish are languages that I have studied at length.

You can reach me at andrealankao at gmail dot com.

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